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Reclaim the road to resiliency everyday -Mitchell Foley   

Fitness, health and wellness have always been important to me but not until two near fatal accidents, both of which left me with debilitating and life changing injuries, did they become my life's priority and passion.

The first accident was in 2007 when the car I was in hit a tree at 60mph, crushing my hip, factoring my femur and left me with extensive blunt trauma to my internal organs.  The second was a violent bicycle crash in 2014 while racing (caused by improper crowd fencing) that left me with a 100% fracture of my C2 vertebrae and a traumatic brain injury.

Between these two accident's I spent a total combined time of about 5 years in physical rehabilitation and other various therapies, including the gym and on the bicycle, to build my body and mind back to the elite levels they were prior to each of them.  But this couldn't have happened without a comprehensive restructuring of my whole life; meaning, that my perspective and approach to training & exercise, nutrition, rest & recovery and external life stresses all had to change. 

And they did, but it wasn't easy and didn't happen all at once!  It was a long process and a really, really hard one, requiring my total commitment, which is why I know first hand just how difficult it is for others to make similar shifts or even less major shifts in their own lives.

That said, I promise you it's all worth it because the results will show.  My life today is the manifestation of these changes giving me the highest overall fitness, health, wellness and happiness I've ever had. 
And it's the appreciation and gratitude for these that leads my motivation in the Fitness industry and Coaching.  I'm privileged to be in a position to share, guide and inspire others in their individual journey.  Whether clients want to just loose a few pounds, get back in shape, build back from injury, train to have a spartan body or be an elite cycling competitor, my goal is to help them determine, quantify and achieve their goals.  "Father time waits for no man"    I look forward to working with you soon!