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Exlclusive coach Gerard Cycles Seattle
Performance trainer Equinox Boston

Gemini Performance Coaching

  Cycling & Personal Training 

              Balance & Strength                      Physique transformation

Before and after results

                              188 lbs  120 days

                        188lbs    90 days

             188 lbs   0 days

As a life long athlete I've always augmented sports with weight training.  With age comes decreasing physical capacities and condition, and for many including me, there is often rehabilitation of significant injuries.  "Body composition by Mitchell" is a service built around weight training to combat the effects of life setbacks to our physical prowess and is a natural progression to my cycling coaching service.

Qualification: Personal Trainer Teir Level at EQUINOX Boston, CPT -NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine and a lifetime of performance and results.

I know what works and what doesn't, and know certifications and academics can often mean virtually nothing in the real world of body transformation and coaching performance.  A trainer either knows their stuff or they don't.  But nothing say's "real deal" like a someone who walks-their-talk, embodying  and exemplifying fitness and conditioning principles in their daily life!  I've spent a lift-time in the pursuit of fitness knowledge and application.  Today my conditioning, strength and aesthetics have never been higher, and I have yet to plateau.  I live life knowing that my best years are ahead of me, and I can guide you in achieving this in your life too. 

Whether you're looking to gain strength for sports, better conditioning, a more pleasing aesthetic physique or even a Spartan hard body, I know how to get you there.  My ego is wrapped up into your success, so give me a call or email and lets discuss how we can achieve your goals!        781-413-4445 / [email protected]

You can be stronger and have better aesthetics 

            .....dressed                             the mirror                                              .....outside