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Client testimonials:

Tom Van Dyck,  Boston, MA   (Boston Symphony Member, New England Conservatory Faculty, Avid Cyclist, Rock Climber, Runner)

"Mitchell has been an indispensable resource for information, motivation and inspiration for me in cycling as well as throughout my life. As a father of 2 toddlers, a musician, teacher, cyclist, climber, runner and all around active and high energy person it has been difficult for me to focus my psych and intensity in a way that would get me stronger rather than continually leave me feeling depleted. Mitchell has created an extremely personalized approach to my training around an incredibly busy (work, family, lengthy international touring etc.) and demanding personal life that has had me seeing rapid gains way beyond my expectations. He has truly listened to me and geared all our work together towards my goals articulated and sensed. He has also been a teacher, mentor and a friend through an extremely challenging part of my life. For this, I am very grateful. Our work leaves me feeling a sense of accomplishment and teamwork in our endeavor to make me a better cyclist, all round athlete and healthier person. His tremendous intelligence and knowledge of everything about cycling and the body’s varied physiological responses to exertion are fascinating and extremely intellectual engaging for me in addition to being essential knowledge for any serious athlete. Having gone purely on instinct with no real plan or principles to my prior training our work has been transformative for me. While not a heavily competitive or accomplished cyclist, Mitchell has treated my training with the utmost respect and sense of importance despite its lack of imminent imperative. As a musician who teaches and has studied with great instrumental pedagogues, I can honestly say his coaching and mentorship are at the highest level seen in any intense personal endeavor of mastery and excellence. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Cormac Mcgeough, Carbondale, CO (2018 Professional Rider, Jelly Belly Cycling)

"Before Mitchell started coaching me I was relatively narrow minded when it came to my training approach. Mitchell brought to my attention the training of all my different systems as well as taking a holistic approach to the bike, including changing my lifestyle and nutrition in a way which made me feel better day-to-day, and helped me to achieve my goals. Mitchell assisted with making my training much more professional; we always go out and ride with a purpose. But the best part about Mitchell is that in a heart beat, if I so desired, we could fundamentally change the way that we approach my training if things weren't working. He is very flexible in this sense, in that he wants to make his clients fast while taking into consideration their individual requests and their circumstances".

Jerome Nadel, San Jose, CA  (2017 National Champion Master 55+ Crit, 2016 NORCAL Most Valuable Rider)

"I've known, raced against, raced with, and admired Mitchell's approach toward cycling and life for more than a decade.  From our introduction at Masters Nationals several years ago, where we were in a break together and he went on to win, to racing as teammates, to leveraging his skill, perspective, and philosophy on riding, racing, and life as my coach, my admiration and derived value are immeasurable.  Mitchell's insights and suggestions are clear and implementable.  I'm riding better and enjoying the bike more with his coaching."

Michael Boucher, Sterling, VA  Age group Triathlete

"Mitchell is a great coach! When I first met Mitchell I was swimming at Walden Pond as a brand new triathlete knowing very little about biking. I was doing what we call in swimming “garbage yardage”.  Within 9 months, he taught me how to train with a purpose. Every ride had something more to focus on, making training interesting and dynamic.  He was extremely flexible to work around my MANY other activities (I’m sure I made things difficult with how much else I was doing), always seeing how we could weld it all together to help strengthen the total training package. By the end of only ONE SEASON Mitchel guided me 1/3 of the way up the leader board in my age group on the USA Triathlon rankings as well as increasing my FTP by over 100 watts!

Mitchell is not only just a great coach.  In the middle of the season I decided to move from Boston to Northern Virginia.  He helped me plan new bike routs, get in touch with local cyclists and pick new local races! This is above and beyond what I would have expected from any coach, but it really goes to show that Mitchell takes into account the bigger picture when he is coaching because everything is connected. I cannot think of a better well rounded and thoughtful coach.

Ronald Savenor, Boston, MA   (Champion Porsche Pirelli Cup race car driver & instructor. Multiple National titles)

"Mitchell’s approach to training and injury rehabilitation has been very effective for me. Over the years I have sustained many injuries and Mitchell understands my deficiencies from them. He knows how to work with and around them, and guides my workouts (nutrition & recovery) to be in tune. My past injuries, my current condition and my goals are all aligned so I can achieve the fitness, health and condition I want. -Ron Savenor"

Owner Savenor’s Market: Boston, Cambridge & Fenway Park

Kenneth DiPietro,  Boston, MA   (Corporate warrior, fitness-lifestyle rider. Former racer)

"What I appreciate most about Mitchell is his approach and accepts me for who I am, yet encourages me to see what I can be. Mitchell brings his years of real world racing experiences and accomplishments and applies them in a tailored method helping his clients achieve their goals."


Dina Sorenson   Charlottesville, VA  (Former Women's Pro 'out of hiatus'.  Current wellness-fitness-lifestyle rider)

My relationship with the bike is half way through its 32nd year. Thirty years ago I discovered the sport of cycling and with that…have been wedded to the bike throughout all of life’s highs, lows and inevitable flat spots. As an athlete, I have always valued and leaned on the expertise of a great coach to keep me sharp, tuned and honest about my goals and capabilities. I have learned over the years, no two coaches are alike as it takes an exceptional human being with depth of life experience to become a great coach. As a mature athlete, Mitchell Foley has brought great coaching back into my life after a hiatus from competitive cycling. Of course, offering customized training programs is one aspect of success, but his training approach has philosophical backbone and his innate ‘bike whisperer’ abilities tune into the unique, personal attributes that drive my athletic aspirations. To be coached now, in the most powerful and fulfilling sense, requires that I remain coach-able and open to the wisdom of a great coach like Mitchell who guides and gives real-time feedback. Working with Mitchell Foley captures the spirit, essence and efficacy of such distinctive, authentic coaching. His brilliant combination of technical, empirical expertise and leadership; depth and breadth of real world experience, genuine commitment to my personal process and uncanny ability to get to the philosophical and practical heart of the matter inspires me in this mature phase of my lifelong relationship with the sport of cycling."