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   Evolve Function   Elevate Form    Inspire Excellence

Behind every great athlete is a teacher/coach providing insights, guidance, motivation and a plan. Since ancient times the cornerstone of highest achievement is found in this relationship.

Gemini is a mastery based coaching service built around mentor-ship and focused on the development of health, riding gains, mental advantage, technical skill and tactical acumen. Behind these is the cultivation of an authentic warrior's heart.   

Focus of Intent

- The Art of Speed: Riding aero & the practice of pedaling variation

- Warrior Mindset (The Book of Five Rings).  How to win!

- Race craft: tactical, execution, mastering the control-able's

- Effective structuring around a training lifestyle
- All phases: movement, technique, nutrition, and restoration

- Recovery strategies for high performance

- Testing repeatable physiological systems

Photo courtesy Damon Bates

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