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Gemini Performance Supplements

Intro: BIO 5-in-One  (Patent Pending)


I developed BIO 5-in-One to help athletes achieve their best physical condition, especially in sports and activities where strength and endurance are critical to performance.

My formula is unique & powerful but didn't come about overnight.  I've spent a lifetime in sports at the elite & professional level. Through it all I relied heavily on supplements to augment my training and recovery so I experimented a lot. 

What this means essentially is that I've been fortunate enough to experience more than 20 years of high level field-testing to identify which supplements work, which are the most complimentary to each other and what the correct doses should be.

BIO 5-in-One is the end result of this incredible journey: Five effective supplements in a unique and original complimentary formula that absolutely improve your performance! Including:

*Boosting Vo2 & improving high-intensity exercise.

*Promoting muscle cells to produce more energy.

*Buffering lactic acid for efforts lasting 1-8 min.

*Building muscle, alleviating soreness and  slowing muscle loss.

*Supplying 35% more nitrogen to muscle for shorter recovery time.

*Reducing joint inflammation post training. 

BIO 5-in-One is also INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT!  The process of sourcing, buying and managing five different powders is a hassle, not to mention mixing them and cleaning the mess every morning!  BIO 5-in-One avoids all this and takes up very little cabinet space. On the go? Traveling somewhere?  Nothing beats BIO 5-in-One's portability. One Tub, easy to pack, easy too carry!

BIO 5-in-One!  All the good stuff wrapped up in one!  EFFECTIVE, FAST and CONVENIENT!

FDA approved manufacturer. *NO Stimulants, Gluten, Soy or Meat Products *ZERO Calories

1 canister (30 day supply) is $69.99

Plus shipping & handling. Paypal link below

Buy multiple canisters using Venmo @bio5inone

Contact Selle​r for shipping prices.

Also available at these locations.

ATA Cycle, 93 Thoreau St. Concord, MA  

Red Lantern Cycles, Menlo Park, CA

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