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My Story

Fitness, health and wellness have always been important to me but not until two near fatal accidents, both of which left me with debilitating and life changing injuries, did they become my life's priority and passion.

The first accident was in 2007 when the car I was in hit a tree at 60mph, crushing my hip, fracturing my femur and left me with extensive blunt trauma to my internal organs. The second was a violent bicycle crash in 2014 while racing (caused by improper crowd fencing) that left me with a 100% fracture of my C2 vertebrae and a traumatic brain injury.

Between these two accident's I spent nearly 5 years in rehabilitation and therapies, also including weight training and bicycle workouts to build my body and mind back to the levels they had been. But this didn't happen without restructuring my life and perspective around training, nutrition, recovery and life stresses; it wasn't easy and didn't happen quickly. Which is why I know first hand how difficult it is for others to fully commit to a regime of change in pursuit of personal excellence.

Today, my life is the manifestation of the changes I made and hard work that provide the highest fitness, health and happiness I've ever had. And it's my appreciation and gratitude for these things that lead my inspiration and drive in coaching riders to improved performance and wellness.

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