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The Five Rings

 1 ) Preparation


Building The House

2) Adaptation


2 Heavens, One style

3) Strategy


Heat of Battle

4) Respect what will fail


Become the Opponent

5) Know what can't be seen


Correct Mind

The Five Rings is an approach to training and competing that I modeled from The Book of Five Rings   written by Samurai Master Miyamoto Musashi (五輪書 Go Rin No Sho ) circa 1645.  In this book Mushashi describes his comprehensive manifesto on swordsmanship, strategy and winning which embody insights that are among the most salient texts on strategic thinking ever to come out of Asia.

I first read The Book of Five Rings in 2014 during a time in which I was engaged in a difficult multiple tiered rehabilitation. Soon into the book I recognized the dynamic transfer-ability of Mushashi’s warrior teachings into the art, practice and discipline of bike racing, and the remarkable similarities Samurai had with their sword to that of rider and bicycle.

In their simplest form, the Five Rings are a highly effective approach for gaining advantage in preparation, training and racing. In a deeper sense, they are an ongoing art in discipline toward mindful riding and racing, rather than just physical and technical prowess.                                                                  

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